Before you fly off to Napa or France and tour the First Growths, you may want to start out right her in your own backyard so you can truly appreciate the experience.  Wisconsin has over fifty wineries all sure to be a rewarding, unique and interesting.  Recently, I had the pleasure to visit the Vetro Winery in Concord, Wisconsin.  A sweet woman who calls herself “Foxy” greeted us and offered us to taste her wines for a donation to the Special Olympics.  They were in the process of moving to their larger facility in Johnson Creek and she was gracious enough to let us go down to the vineyard and explore.  It was the perfect thing to do on a beautiful September day and we tasted some grapes off the vine and tasted a few of their wines.

We purchased a bottle of Chardonnay and sat on the little patio enjoying the fantastic company of my Dad and best girlfriend.  The Chardonnay was a combination of the grapes grown here in Wisconsin and imports from California. The wines we sampled were on the sweet side and a few I tasted were fruit based and much sweeter than I usually drink.  I wanted to sample these to learn why our fellow Wisconsin residents go crazy for these wines.  They reminded me of adult Kool-Aid which is perfect for a beginner just starting to learn about wines and start drinking them.  The plan is to do the Wisconsin Winery tour and then expand the horizons from there.