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Pour It Out

Wine & Food Pairing Made Simple

The most common question asked during this season is “What do I pair with_____?” Well, my friends it is easier than you think! Let’s keep it simple and have fun with it. The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about what wine to pair with the enormous variety of foods. To be honest, there is no ONE wine that will go with everything so stop freaking out.

Look Mom! No Hangover!

wine-hangoverEat, drink and be merry and not feel like crap the next day! Wow! What an amazing newsflash! We all have our trusted and tried ways to nurse ourselves back to health after a night of way too much alcohol. What a surprise to discover an article written about a new study published in the Journal of Food Science posted on www.rodale.com that states eating asparagus will help prevent a hangover. According to Korean researchers, they discovered that the extracts taken from the leaves and shoots of asparagus boosted levels of the important enzymes that aid in the breakdown of alcohol. They state that eating asparagus before or after a night of heavy drinking can serve as a hangover cure!

Chemistry of Red Wine

chemistry of red wineThis month’s Wired Magazine had an interesting article written by Patrick Di Justo talking about “What’s Inside: Red Wine” and it completely fascinated me.  Many people have told me they are sensitive to the sulfites and insist they need a “sulfite-free” wine or they just simply won’t drink red wine whatsoever.  After reading this article and discovering many more of the chemical compounds red wines are made of, it could be something else these people are reacting to.

Hosted by Heidi Harwood of Wirtz Beverage

September’s wine club soiree featured seven wines from Spain and a variety of Tapas to pair with.  Tapa’s and wine is the perfect way to spend a Thursday night even in light of the big football game on.  Vino Etcetera was packed with people all enjoying excellent wines, delicious tapas and fantastic company. The lineup started with a dry sparkling Brut Cava and then followed with a light white blend of Viura and Macabeo.  The lighter reds we enjoyed were two different styles of Garnacha followed by Mencia (Cabernet Franc) and the big hit of the night was the Old Vine 2002 Tempranillo Gran Reserva.  While our guests were sipping on the elegant wines, they were encouraged to squeeze their halves of ripe, juicy tomatoes into a piece of soft baguette and a smear of fresh minced garlic topped off with fresh cucumber, red onion or tuna.  The evening finished off with a Semi-Seco Cava (off dry) paired with a piece of milk chocolate sea salt from Indulgence Chocolatiers and a slice of fresh peach. Cielo! (Heaven)

Humble Beginnings

Before you fly off to Napa or France and tour the First Growths, you may want to start out right her in your own backyard so you can truly appreciate the experience.  Wisconsin has over fifty wineries all sure to be a rewarding, unique and interesting.  Recently, I had the pleasure to visit the Vetro Winery in Concord, Wisconsin.